Magic Wands of Kindness Hidden Around RVA


Blogger Hides 200 “Magic Wands” Across Richmond 

Magic wands, hidden around Richmond by Patience Salgado, invite kids to create GOOD in RVA. I just came across Style Weekly’s article about it. I love this idea. Just absolutely love it! For kids and for everyone. Living life is awesome. And creating more good around our home, our cities, our country, and our world is amazing. Every effort and action truly DOES count and make a difference. It’s things like this that make me stop and remember to get out and “do” more in my own community. My husband and I were just talking about things we can do around Richmond, for RVA and for the RVA community. But that’s just it, we need to stop talking about it and get out there! Thanks for the awesome and positive reminder, Patience. I’ll be thinking about what GOOD I can help create in RVA!

Here is my favorite except on her blog, kindness girl, about why she started The Magic Wand Project:

For me, I want to be part of art and kindness changing the place I love and connecting people. I want to make stuff and do lots of guerrilla kindness that let strangers and my community know there is joy and love in the world and that they are cared for and not alone…and invite them to pass it on if they feel called.

So now maybe your head and heart are filling with ideas, or you have no idea and need to think more about it or maybe you need to go take a nap, but either way, it all counts and thanks for being part of this project. Thanks for thinking about what you love and the city you live in. It’s all MAGIC.

2 thoughts on “Magic Wands of Kindness Hidden Around RVA

  1. sarahsinklings says:

    This is a great project…. my kids wanted to try this too, and we’re all the way up in Minnesota. They had a wonderful time fulfilling their pledges to be kind and then hiding the wands all over a local park… what fun!

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