Women Have To Be Tough

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I came across this article tonight: ‘You have to be tough’ and other advice from women in power. It was a roundup of tweets from the Triangle Entrepreneurship Week’s 2014 Women in Power. The title struck a cord since I had just finished my purposeful watching of two episodes from The Closer (with both Mary McDonnell and Kyra Sedgwick). I sat down specifically to watch tough, feminine women in power — to take note and be inspired (as well as to unwind and be entertained) — as I role into a new role at work. People can laugh that I do this, but I still live in a world of powerful (and inspiring) guys. And I watch and take note from them, too. They’re awesome. And they often invite me to the table. But we still have to be tough, to hold our own. We do it day in and day out. And it’s not always a men vs. women thing. Sometimes it’s being tough with other women. Regardless, I’m lucky I have great (male) mentors at work. But there’s something beautifully empowering in the reminder about standing strong when you hear it from other women or watch them on TV. You are empowered by the women just like you and by the ones you aspire to be.


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