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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Cleveland. Welcome to In Her Shoes Now … a blog that reflects on the culture of women today, what’s happening and what could be.

One morning, I was reading the side of a Silk Chocolate Soymilk (if I was going to do soymilk, chocolate was the way I was going to go) and read about Amanda Bloomer: the woman who stuffed her skirts into her boots inspiring “bloomers.” Amanda Bloomer became an instant and favorite role models. She represented the importance of women taking literal and figurative strides forward. Just like her, I believe it’s important to keep taking positive strides forward and I hope this blog can add to the conversation. 

In my daily life, I’m a brand strategist in Richmond, VA and believe brands should not just reflect culture but also demonstrate their forward-thinking by showing what culture should be, especially as it pertains to women and families. We live in a world of seeing is believing!

What we see and share and discuss is so important. Like Oprah said about The Mary Tyler Moore Show“When you see someone accomplishing something that your heart also desires, and you see them do it so well, the message of that is…that is possible.”

Women are such a tremendous force! They are ever-evolving and changing. They band together to affect change in their communities, their workplace, the brands they use and for issues they believe in. History has proven that women are willing to challenge the status quo and can change the direction of the way things currently are. They blaze trails for a better way.

I hope I can contribute through actions in my community as well as through discussion here. Thanks for visiting!


*I was fortunate to be able to join women (and men) in Washinton, DC on January 21, 2017 for the Women’s March on Washington. One of the most positive and powerful and kind experiences of my life. 



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